Fall 2019

A Life of Purpose

Carola Woerishoffer dedicated her life to social justice.

Lyncy Nyandoche '21

The Long View

Through Career & Civic Engagement Center, Lyncy Nyandoche '21 landed American Express internship.


The Emperor and the Mawrter

American librarian, author, and Quaker tutored heir to Chrysanthemum Throne.


Beeches and Cherry Trees on Campus

How many, many things / They call to mind / These cherry-blossoms!


We Are the Champions

The Pennsylvania Forestry Association has named six Bryn Mawr specimens as state champion trees.


The Trees of Bryn Mawr

So many magnificent trees thrive on campus. The Bulletin unearths their stories.


For Starters: Fall 2019

Woolly adelgids, Pulitzer Prize-winner, and smoke.


The Great Enrollment Crash?

Our success has not been accidental.