President's Message


Social Work's Central Role

The GSSWSR embodies excellence of purpose.


Commitments to a Global Bryn Mawr

International students make a leap of faith in deciding to come to Bryn Mawr.


Pain and Hope

I am optimistic about our success and our future.


Creating COVID-19 Classrooms

None of us would have chosen a pandemic to spark creativity in teaching.


Challenge and Opportunity

Our current situation is extraordinary in its complexity, its urgency, and its opportunity for transformation.

President Kim Cassidy

The World Turned Upside-Down

Bryn Mawr Responds to the Pandemic


The Great Tradition

On the powerful impact of current faculty research on the classroom and on our students.


The Great Enrollment Crash?

Our success has not been accidental.


The Job Description

The College president's role includes plenty of the unexpected.

President Kim Cassidy

Going Above and Beyond

Staff members play critical roles in Bryn Mawr community.