President's Message

President Cassidy

The Bubble and The Network

Reflecting on the continued importance of women's colleges.

President Cassidy

Bryn Mawr and DACA

Bryn Mawr has benefited in countless ways from talents, perspectives of Dreamers.

President Cassidy

For Admissions, Science Meets Art

Providing easier ways for engagement with Bryn Mawr also generates greater interest. 

President Cassidy

The Hard Work of Engaging With Our Past

The College starts a conversation about the legacy of M. Carey Thomas.

President Cassidy

It's a Small (Bryn Mawr) World

Bryn Mawr has always aspired to educate its students in world citizenship.

President Cassidy

A Bi-College Arts Collaborative

President Cassidy on the history and vibrancy of our performing arts.

President Kim Cassidy

Study of Languages in Limbo?

Framework of approach, requirements at Bryn Mawr have evolved over time.