The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Angela Davis addresses the Class of 2018.

Making History

An archaeologist unearths the history of the Swahili States.

A Life of Purpose

A trauma treatment specialist aims to introduce a different therapeutic model.

A Happy Fellowship

"Here I have found a place for myself. I feel I am not just a part of a piece of machinery."

For Starters: Summer 2018

K-books. Red Planet. The Wright Stuff.

Emily Spiegel '18

And They're Off!

The Class of 2018 goes forth.

Juile Gonzalez '19


Student-athlete continues to break records.

Cloaca Maxima, Rome


Mapping the olfactory landscape of ancient Rome.


The Bryn Mawr Factor

Now at Princeton, a chemist is pursuing hard research with real-world applications.

Jenna McElroy

A Developing Career

A commitment to social change leads to the GSSWSR and a career in development.