In the Night Market

Anu Atte '19, the SGA's first-ever Social Justice and Equity Chair.

It's All Greek

A graduate student talks about why she loves the classics, teaching, and Bryn Mawr.

In the Thin Country

GSSWSR students work to improve the juvenile justice system in Chile.

From Japan to Bryn Mawr and Back

When Umeko Tsuda (Class of 1890) returned home from Bryn Mawr, she dedicated herself to the cause of Japanese women’s education by founding Tsuda College (now Tsuda University).

For Starters: Winter 2019

Footnote. Comic Book. Wales. Spain.

Kellie Dinh '19

BuzzFeed Buzz

Kellie Dinh '19 spends summer interning with BuzzFeed as a hackNY Fellow.

Arielle Curry

The Good Fight

"A lot of people think that it doesn't happen here."

A Knotty Problem

Untying a mathematical knot may unlock the mysteries of the universe.

What's in the Future?

Sharing a vision of leadership for the GSSWSR.

Merion Hall

The Haunting

Does a ghost inhabit the third floor of Bryn Mawr's oldest dorm?