Students Sustain a Community Garden

For co-coordinator and others, work means gardening, organizing—and bees.

Personality Spans Eras with Styles

"The Bob" and "The Chop" offer distinctive looks, yesterday and today.

Shapiro Takes On a New Role

The GSSWSR welcomes a veteran professor as its new dean.

For Starters: Summer 2017

An unveiling. Achievement. Exploration. And a vital campaign.

The Wired Academic

With help from a quintet of graduate students, digital technologies are transforming scholarship.

To Call It Home

Kristal Sotomayor ’17 brings "the tradition of Bryn Mawr fearlessness" to her filmmaking.

Making a Change to Make a Difference

Prospective grad students introduced to social work curriculum and more.

Reaching Out in Zimbabwe

Joy Rukanzakanza ’19, a 2016 recipient of the Davis Projects for Peace Prize, facilitates access to education.

The Poet and the Pitch

Marianne Moore, Class of 1909, garnered fame as a poet—and a baseball fan.

Art and the Intellect

Mariam Souali talks with the Bulletin about the interplay between her academic study and her artwork.