Deema Alawa ’23 Illustrates 'Amazing Muslims'

She shares her experience in the book publishing world.


The Past is Prologue

An archaeologist considers a Confederate statue.


'Scott of Girton'

She broke barriers at Cambridge and opened doors at Bryn Mawr.

For Starters: Fall 2020

Move-In Day. Let's Dance. Remote Internships.


Wish You Were Here

The grounds team celebrates the grads.


How Do You Defy?

Zaynab Ghazi ’22 (computer science and math) and Jamila Ghazi ’20 (economics and political science) answer the question.

Bryn Mawr's Loss

After being forced out of Bryn Mawr, Jessie Redmon Fauset helped shape the Harlem Renaissance.

Night Moves

The Graduate Group Symposium sheds light on the idea of darkness.


Leadership in Turbulent Times

How effective leaders respond to profound loss and grief.


For Starters

Commencement. Virtual Bryn Mawr. The Sounds of COVID-19. The New (Ab)normal.