Our Bryn Mawr


Erica Seaborne ’09 and Linda Friedrich ’89 have longstanding careers as Bryn Mawr volunteers. We asked them why Bryn Mawr is a priority in their lives.


From the Alumnae Association President

“Heads High. Hearts Open.”

Ask Becky

Support for the job hunt during a pandemic.

Meet and Mingle

Members of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (GSSWSR) gather for an Alumni Happy Hour on Nov. 6.

Posse Power

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Bryn Mawr’s association with the Posse Foundation, two Mawrters talk about the power of the partnership.

Ask Becky

On culture studies and College connections.

Going Green

Two Mawrters share a vision for a sustainable future.

Ask Becky

Unraveling the mysteries of the network and LinkedIn.


News from the Campaign

Poised to Smash the Goal