Anassa Kata

Anna Kimbrough Morris '62

Anna Kimbrough Morris '62

“I loved it immediately and have a joyful connection to my class and Rock dorm mates. There’s a vibe that I don’t know exists anywhere else.”

Mina Bissell, '63

Mina Bissell '63

“I was lucky to come to Bryn Mawr. It was all about smart, successful women, and the faculty were amazing.”

Charlie Kuper, Ph.D. '17

Charlie Kuper Ph.D. '17

In what may well be a first, graduate student Kuper received a lantern before the Greek play on May Day.

Dante Study Group

I Lettori: Dante Study Group

The group met monthly at the home of Barbara Powell ’62 to tackle Dante's epic three-part poem The Divine Comedy.

Allegra Armstrong '17

Allegra Armstrong '17

Her essay, “Maze of the Giant Heart,” recounts a post-breakup trip to the Franklin Institute with her ex. 

Zanny Alter, '09

Zanny Alter '09

A course at Bryn Mawr, Schools in American Cities, "set me on my path—it set my trajectory, and it felt like fate that I found the course so early on.”

Eleanor Mackenzie Mudge, '38

Eleanor Mackenzie Mudge '38

She celebrated her 100th birthday with visits from family and friends and many cards. 

Becky Briggs, '04

Becky Briggs '04

“I have always believed that no one should be put in a cage unless there truly is no other option.”

Whitney Lopez, '15

Whitney Lopez '15

Philadelphia-based visual and performance artist and independent curator's work examines, decolonizes, and reconstructs aspects of identity.

Francesca Mariani, '91

Francesca Mariani '91

Stem cell researcher is working with colleagues on ways to repair bone defects too severe to heal.