Challenging My Beliefs

Doesn’t everyone deserve to be loved?

All of Earth's Children

"I cry in love and compassion for all of Earth’s children, and I pray for them too!"

Black at Bryn Mawr: a Timeline

The work of many students, faculty, and staff made it possible to construct this timeline, which is based on information currently available.


The Myth of the Monolith

Alumnae/i from across generations share evolving stories of being Black at BMC.


Reclaiming My Voice

Eat the meat and spit the bone.

Friendship Across Racial Lines

Christine Philpot '59 revisits her piece from 1969.

Nina Jankowicz ’11 Publishes Book on the Information War

Her new book takes on Russia, fake news, and the future of conflict.


Sister Grace Miriam Usala '07 on the Frontlines of the Pandemic

She began her medical service treating COVID-19 patients.


The 19th Amendment and Bryn Mawr College

The Bulletin honors the persistence of the Mawrters who fought for the right to vote.


'We don’t want to go back to normal.'

The public health response to COVID-19.