Madison Schaeffer '11 Leads State Epidemiology Efforts

Epidemiologist Madison Schaeffer ’11 helped make New Mexico an early COVID-19 success story. Below, she talks about her work, the state of her state, and Bryn Mawr.

Gradiva Couzin ’91 Joins Mutual Aid Network

The community-based, peer-to-peer group is helping those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.


Demythologizing T

What’s the most abundant steroid hormone in the typical adult woman’s body?

The Virtual Step Sing

Shout out to Magda Pecsenye ’94 for kicking off a Virtual Step Sing—and to the nearly 1,000 Mawrters who participated.


Going to the Dogs

Marie Bernard ’72 discusses a citizen science study of companion dogs and how they age.

A Book of Her Own

The Girl’s Own Book: Selections from the Ellery Yale Wood Collection will run through Dec. 18, 2020.


Mary Poppins Revisited

Practically Perfect in Every Way.


Faculty Profile: Gary McDonogh

Gary McDonogh shares some thoughts with the Bulletin.