Antarctic Adventure

Two Mawrters head south to study sea-level rise.


At the Border

A report from Tijuana.

Living Campus

Living Campus is a digital map that broadens access to Bryn Mawr's trees, gardens, and benches.


In its third year, the Digital Scholarship Summer Fellows program centers experiential learning opportunities for students who collaborate on a public-facing digital research project.


Digital Scholarship and Primary Sources

Scholars are increasingly turning to digital tools and methodologies for research, teaching and publication—including digital mapping, text mining, data visualization and open-access publishing.

What's Your Favorite Bryn Mawr Tree?

In this issue, the Bulletin celebrates the trees of Bryn Mawr. So we asked alumnae/i to weigh in with their picks.

Thinking about Orpheus

Radcliffe Edmonds III shares his thoughts about Orpheus, the Tony Award–winning musical Hadestown, and the enduring power of myth.


Where in the World Is Flat Athena?

This year, Flat Athena took a road trip to drop in on Mawrters around the country.

Book cover

A Boy’s Life

A medieval mystery that mixes historical fiction with magical realism receives a Newbery Honors nod.