It's Magic

Julien Suaudeau is a novelist and filmmaker.

Sanam Sheriff '18

In the Beat of a Heart

A senior's unforgettable welcome to new first-year students.

Transplant graphic

The Patient Will Live

After a transplant, recipient and donor adjust beautifully.


The Once and Future Bryn Mawr

A senior ponders heritage, change, and nostalgia for what will be.


Your Best Memory of Dining Hall Fare?

Alumnae/i shed light on why Dining Services has made Princeton Review’s Top 10 for 11 years running.


A Word from the Author

A Q&A with Artemis Leontis.


Prof. Thomas is Not Afraid to Stir the (Tea) Pot

Thomas' intellectual interests include British lit, the history of sexuality, and food studies.

What Are You Thankful For?

As part of Project Mawrter, the Alumnae Association has been asking alumnae/i to share their virtual offerings to Athena.


On Learning and Libraries

Mawrters navigate the new information landscape.


Deregulation Déjà Vu

Comparing current administration's efforts to Reagan’s.