Empty Pedestal, Baltimore

Born Out of Rejection

Inspired by the topic of this year’s Flexner Lectures, six Bryn Mawr faculty offered classes on the topic of refusal.

Fazana Saleem-Ismail '94

Leading the Fight Against Islamophobia

Who are Muslims’ allies? Everyone needs to be, says the author.

Student Protesters, 1989

March On

Working to make a difference can mean refusing, resisting, and engaging.

Amelia McCarthy ’19

A Journey Into Contemplation

A student's reflections on a summer voyage at sea.

Image from John Waters’ Study Art series

The Theory of (Curating) Art

Course cluster considers practice, politics behind curating contemporary art.

Maria Eichhorn's Unlawfully Acquired Books from Jewish Ownership

Looking to the World

One of the art world’s premier events gathers artists from its margins.

Instructor holding model of brain.

The Memory of Science

Mawrters recall a slow reaction and a loud bang, human brains—and, of course, getting lost.

Sharon Burgmayer

New Molecules, New Discoveries

Burgmayer and team continue to break ground in chemistry lab.

Tania Romero

Honoring Fellow Women Filmmakers

A journey that began in the streets of Managua leads to a premiere at Cannes.  

Archaeologist Kimberlee Moran

An Archaeologist Races Against Time

Kimberlee Moran ’00 leads effort to recover remains at Old City site.