Saving the Planet

For these summer interns, sustainability was the focus.


Trade Talk

Archaeologist turns to geology to understand life on Arabian Peninsula thousands of years ago.

A Life of Purpose

Carola Woerishoffer dedicated her life to social justice.

Lyncy Nyandoche '21

The Long View

Through Career & Civic Engagement Center, Lyncy Nyandoche '21 landed American Express internship.


The Emperor and the Mawrter

American librarian, author, and Quaker tutored heir to Chrysanthemum Throne.


For Starters: Fall 2019

Woolly adelgids, Pulitzer Prize-winner, and smoke.

Leslie Cheng

'Too Good to Be True'

Mathematics Professor Leslie Cheng '91 connected with calculus as an undergraduate.

Jeopardy question

For Starters: Summer 2019

On "Jeopardy," on the red carpet, and around the globe.

Namrata Basu

Here They Come

Members of the Class of 2019 are off to make their mark.

Theresa and Alexis

The Ease of Him

ProfessorĀ of Social Work Raymond Albert honored on campus.