Transgender Applicants

Bryn Mawr’s undergraduate mission is to educate and empower intellectually engaged, reflective, and ethical women leaders. In taking an inclusive approach to fulfilling this mission — one that reflects the College’s identity as an institution that values diversity as essential to its excellence — Bryn Mawr recognizes that gender is fluid and that traditional notions of gender identity and expression can be limiting. Bryn Mawr acknowledges gender complexity as an opportunity for learning, and for asking how to be the best women’s college possible. We also recognize that students may express new gender identities while at Bryn Mawr and beyond. Bryn Mawr is committed to all of our current and future students, whom we will continue to welcome, support, and proudly claim as our alumnae/i. Our women-centered focus is not intended to exclude any members of this special community, although it is a fundamental part of our undergraduate mission.

In light of our mission and these understandings of gender, Bryn Mawr College considers as eligible to apply to the undergraduate college all individuals who have identified and continue to identify as women (including cisgender and trans women), intersex individuals who do not identify as male, individuals assigned female at birth who have not taken medical or legal steps to identify as male, and individuals assigned female at birth who do not identify within the gender binary.  

The College intends to be flexible and inclusive in implementing these understandings. Bryn Mawr uses a holistic approach to reviewing applications that appreciates the strengths of each applicant. Should questions arise, students are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions; we may also follow up to request additional information from applicants.