On Learning and Libraries

Mawrters navigate the new information landscape.


Deregulation Déjà Vu

Comparing current administration's efforts to Reagan’s.

Rose Pierre-Louis ’15

The Curious Classroom

Alumna's new educational program focused on critical thinking, current events.


What's Your Favorite Memory of Erdman?

The iconic Louis Kahn dorm was recently designated a significant historic site.

Book cover

Gurus of the Garden

For author and subjects, it's far more than a patch of backyard dirt. 


Size Matters

A new study finds that the changing climate might spell trouble for tropical bird species.

A Wild Life

After running away from home to join the Peace Corps, her life went to the birds.

Connecting Icons


No matter the technology—dry-erase boards, BBS, or Facebook—Mawrters are experts at connection.

Buddhist Statue

Where Was the Most Surprising Place You Found a Mawrter?

They sometimes tend to appear where one might least expect it.

Eric Pumroy

Eclectic, Educational—and Economical

Special Collections director's work supports teaching, scholarship.