Where in the World Is Flat Athena?

This year, Flat Athena took a road trip to drop in on Mawrters around the country.

Book cover

A Boy’s Life

A medieval mystery that mixes historical fiction with magical realism receives a Newbery Honors nod.

Tonja Nixon teaching THRIVE

Bryn Mawr 101

Helping first-year students in the transition to campus life.

organ donor logo

The Gift of Life

How an organ donor and an expert surgical team saved the author's life.

Amee Vora

Gender and Justice

Specialist in family law helps domestic violence victims.

All About Eva

In her new book, Artemis Leontis tells the story of a Mawrter whom one contemporary called "the only ancient Greek I ever knew."


In Our Words

In conjunction with Project Mawrter, we’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a Mawrter and how Bryn Mawr is unique.


Only in New York

A new look at American folk art places the Big Apple at the core of production.


On Reading

For these Mawrters, autobiography begins with books.

Sing the Body Electric

'Poet of the Body' Exhibition Curated by Whitman Scholar Karen Karbiener, M.A. '90