International Perspectives

Scholars come from around the world to use Bryn Mawr’s stellar collections.

On Bryn Mawr's Landscapes

Alumnae/i celebrate the physical—and emotional—space of Bryn Mawr.


Bryn Mawr helped set her path. Now, she's poised for a career in public health.


Going to America

A remembrance.


Faculty Profile: Linda-Susan Beard

Linda-Susan Beard shares some thoughts with the Bulletin.


Beyond Bitcoin

A Mawrter unpacks the mysteries—and promise—of a transformative technology.

What's Your Favorite Winter Memory of Bryn Mawr?

Mawrters reminisce about braving snowstorms, traying, making snow angels, and even building an igloo.


We'll Meet Again

In 2019, Marguerite Frost ’46 wrote the story of how she met an RAF navigator-in-training while she was at Bryn Mawr.


Homage to Catalonia

Spanish Professor Rosi Song takes a look at the food and song of one of Spain's most beloved cities.



Exploring material cultures and the life of things.