Alumnae Bulletin

Sharon Burgmayer

New Molecules, New Discoveries

Burgmayer and team continue to break ground in chemistry lab.

Tania Romero

Honoring Fellow Women Filmmakers

A journey that began in the streets of Managua leads to a premiere at Cannes.  

Archaeologist Kimberlee Moran

An Archaeologist Races Against Time

Kimberlee Moran ’00 leads effort to recover remains at Old City site.

Yasmine Nahim

Teens' Challenges Are Research Focus

Yasmine Nahim ’18 studies role of ethnicity in Korean adolescents well-being.

Kennedy Smith

Kennedy Smith '79

She is one of the nation's foremost experts on commercial district revitalization, downtown economics, and related business development.

Emily Gaudette '12

Emily Gaudette '12

"I believe that film and television are one of the most powerful ways we have for enacting social change."