Alumnae Bulletin

Cloaca Maxima, Rome


Mapping the olfactory landscape of ancient Rome.


The Bryn Mawr Factor

Now at Princeton, a chemist is pursuing hard research with real-world applications.

Jenna McElroy

A Developing Career

A commitment to social change leads to the GSSWSR and a career in development.

May Day circa 1936

A May Day Menagerie

Animals once played important role in tradition.

The Deathh of Socrates

For Starters: Spring 2018

Socrates. Angela Davis. Community.

Perceptions of Blackness at Bryn Mawr

Scholar addresses issues of differing experiences.

Maggie Larson '10

A Very Semi-Serious Woman

Cartoonist Maggie Larson ’10 tells whimsical stories with a touch of sweetness.