Alumnae Bulletin


Leadership in Turbulent Times

How effective leaders respond to profound loss and grief.


'We don’t want to go back to normal.'

The public health response to COVID-19.


For Starters

Commencement. Virtual Bryn Mawr. The Sounds of COVID-19. The New (Ab)normal.


Challenge and Opportunity

Our current situation is extraordinary in its complexity, its urgency, and its opportunity for transformation.


Erica Seaborne ’09 and Linda Friedrich ’89 have longstanding careers as Bryn Mawr volunteers. We asked them why Bryn Mawr is a priority in their lives.


Madison Schaeffer '11 Leads State Epidemiology Efforts

Epidemiologist Madison Schaeffer ’11 helped make New Mexico an early COVID-19 success story. Below, she talks about her work, the state of her state, and Bryn Mawr.

Gradiva Couzin ’91 Joins Mutual Aid Network

The community-based, peer-to-peer group is helping those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.