Alumnae Bulletin

Arielle Curry

The Good Fight

"A lot of people think that it doesn't happen here."

A Knotty Problem

Untying a mathematical knot may unlock the mysteries of the universe.

What's in the Future?

Sharing a vision of leadership for the GSSWSR.

Merion Hall

The Haunting

Does a ghost inhabit the third floor of Bryn Mawr's oldest dorm?

Aerial Shot of Campus

For Starters: Fall 2018

Chemistry. Bad feminist. SWARM. EDGE.

President Cassidy

Not Afraid to Be First

Women's colleges and their role in creating the next generation of leaders.

On the Job

Summer internships expand students’ horizons.

Lauren Phillips

Way Up North

Bryn Mawr connections on an archeological dig in Alaska.

Marking the distance each of the chromophores in the dyes have traveled in the mobile phase.

Students Analyze Early Byzantine Textiles in 360°

Thin-layer chromatography is used to identify ancient dyes.

Gabrielle Farrell

Gabrielle Farrell '12

Taking on a new role in the field of political communications.