Alumnae Bulletin

Posse Power

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Bryn Mawr’s association with the Posse Foundation, two Mawrters talk about the power of the partnership.

Ask Becky

On culture studies and College connections.

Executive Board Candidates 2020

The following alumnae/i are up for election to the Alumnae Association Executive Board (except as noted).


Jamila Ghazi '20

"My Bryn Mawr education will not end with graduation. It is an identity I will hold forever."

Going Green

Two Mawrters share a vision for a sustainable future.

Ask Becky

Unraveling the mysteries of the network and LinkedIn.


News from the Campaign

Poised to Smash the Goal


Melika Atic '04

"Everything that I am has defied expectation."


We'll Meet Again

In 2019, Marguerite Frost ’46 wrote the story of how she met an RAF navigator-in-training while she was at Bryn Mawr.

Affirming a Commitment to Inclusivity

Concrete measures and important work.