In This Issue

Physics professor and students working in a lab.

Physics professor and students are working toward the "holy grail": fusion.

Jessica Schwartz, Julie S. Eng, middle, Sarah Kate Wilson, right.

Bryn Mawr tech leaders discuss women's scarcity, growth potential, and next steps.

Artwork of pen/barbed wire

Empowerment through words is the goal at NYC's foreboding jail.


Lauren Faber ’07: Research manager by day, standup comedian by night.

Students Knitting

Giving back. Growing connections. Catching those moments.

Students on lantern night

When did you know that you’d made the right choice in coming to Bryn Mawr?

Artwork of hourglass

Ancient beyond measure, Earth’s water is literally from another world.

A detail from Brigid Manning-Hamilton’s Peacock in Common Time, a pulpit fall at the North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis.

Creative enterprises mean remaining open to invention, these two alumnae have found.