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Jessica Schwartz, Julie S. Eng, middle, Sarah Kate Wilson, right.
Bryn Mawr tech leaders discuss women's scarcity, growth potential, and next steps.
Physics professor and students working in a lab.
Physics professor and students are working toward the "holy grail": fusion.
Artwork of pen/barbed wire
Empowerment through words is the goal at NYC's foreboding jail.
Professor Teaching
Anthropologist has found sound as worthy of study as text or images.
Artwork of hourglass
Ancient beyond measure, Earth’s water is literally from another world.
President Kim Cassidy
President's Message
Framework of approach, requirements at Bryn Mawr have evolved over time.
Mark Castro
Ph.D. candidate tells the story of Mexican modernism in age of civil war.
Students on lantern night
When did you know that you’d made the right choice in coming to Bryn Mawr?


Book Jacket
Carol Hager (ed.)
Book Jacket
Kathryn A. Kleppinger ’04, M.A. ’04
Book Jacket
Jane McLaughlin, M.A. ’64

Campus News

Anassa Kata

Martha Cummings, '80

When faced with the challenge of launching a netball development program in South Africa, she naturally turned 
to Bryn Mawr.

Melissa Katrincic, '97

A physics major at Bryn Mawr, she says her science background has helped make her a successful (and award-winning) distiller.