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GSAS Policies and Guidelines

GSAS Catalog and Handbook (updated 08/2023)[pdf]

GSAS Academic Rules (updated 03/14/2024) [pdf]   

M.A. Degree Requirements

Ph.D. Preliminary Exams Guidelines for Students

Guidelines for Ph.D. Dissertation Format and Submission

Ph.D. Preliminary Exam Guidelines for Outside Chair and Committee Members (updated 03/12/24) [pdf]

Ph.D. Final Oral Exam Guidelines for Outside Chair and Committee Members (updated 03/11/24) [pdf]

A.B./M.A. programs

Additional Employment Guidelines for GSAS Students during the Academic Year [pdf]

Student Parental Accommodations Policy  [pdf]

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Policy

Title IX: Sexual Misconduct Policy

GSAS TA Handbook [pdf]


Degree Candidacy and Completion Forms

Full-Time Study Declaration Form

AB/MA Application Form

M.A. Candidacy Application Form

Record of M.A. Completion Form for Director of Graduate Studies (updated 12/11/2023) [pdf]

Ph.D. Candidacy Application Form

Record of Preliminary Exam Completion Form [pdf]

Pre-defense Dissertation Submission Form

Record of Dissertation Defense Completion Form [pdf]

Final Ph.D. Dissertation Certification & Degree Completion (updated Oct. 2022) [pdf]

Survey of Earned Doctorates

Post-Doctoral Survey

Student Support and Resources

Renew Financial Support

Student Fellowship Payment Calendar

Teaching Assistant Payroll Schedule

International Travel Registry

GSAS Reimbursement Information

Health Insurance Information

PA Act 55 Resources