Use BiONiC for registration and changes (drop/add) during the enrollment periods set by the Registrar.


Check the GSAS Calendars for the current Add/Drop and Registration Period.

Things to Keep in Mind

All students must register through BiONiC during the window that the Registrar designates.

Failure to register on time and online will result in a $25 manual processing fee, charged to your student account.

If you have registered for a Unit of Supervised Work (USW) you must obtain permission of the faculty member with whom you will be doing the USW.

No registration can be approved until all outstanding balances are cleared.

Students will be billed for registrations in excess of the number of tuition units awarded as Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) financial support. Refer to your most recent GSAS award letter.

Registration Categories

There are three categories of registration: a course, a unit of supervised work (USW), and continuing enrollment (CE). 

Note: If a student is not enrolled for a course or a USW in any given semester, then the student must enroll in CE in order to maintain the student status at Bryn Mawr.


Graduate level courses come in several forms, and depend on your specific program. Visit the Tri-Co Course Guide to see what graduate courses are being offered.

Units of Supervised Work

USWs are for students who are under the supervision of a faculty member, either through regular meetings or through laboratory work on-campus. Work completed as a USW merits credit and requires evaluation by the faculty member. If you wish to register for a USW you must obtain the permission of the faculty member who will be supervising and evaluating your work.

Continuing Enrollment

CE is for students working toward a degree, however, without faculty supervision and most often off campus. Typically students in the final stages of writing a dissertation and off-campus will register for a CE. CE is considered half-time enrollment status. Registration for CE does not carry credit, nor is it evaluated by a faculty member.

Declaration of Full-Time Study

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to submit a Declaration of Full-Time Study [Wufoo link], which must be done for each semester.

You are registered for fewer than two units of graduate work in a semester (e.g., one course, one USW or CE), and you are doing significant independent study/writing and making measurable progress toward a degree or you are an international student, and for visa reasons this form should be on file independent of your full-time status


  • You cannot be considered a full-time student if you are employed and work more than 17.5 hours per week off campus.
  • Submit the Declaration of Full-Time Study during the registration period.

Instructions for A.B./M.A. Students

If you are an A.B./M.A. student, please refer to the instructions on the GSAS A.B./M.A. page, as some items are different for you. 

University of Pennsylvania Courses

See the Registrar's instructions: Registering for Penn Classes.