Drug and Alcohol Prevention Policies

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program (DAAPP)

Bryn Mawr College recognizes the serious effects of alcohol and other drug abuse on the performance and wellbeing of its students, faculty and staff.  While respecting the independence of its community members, the college administration requires that all members of the campus community comply with local and federal laws, including those that govern use of alcohol and other drugs (AOD). To promote such compliance and to support a healthy campus culture, the College has implemented a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program (DAAPP) that is designed to be comprehensive while addressing the needs of each population within the institution by articulating common standards for conduct, legal and institutional sanctions for violations, health risks associated with AOD abuse, and available resources such as counseling and treatment.

At the beginning of each academic year, the College distributes its DAAPP to all members of the campus community via email or via paper copy to community members who do not access email. In addition, community members receive notification of the College’s AOD policies via handbooks specific to their constituency, as described below.

The AOD Committee conducted its Biennial Review of the College’s DAAPP in September 2021.

AOD Policies

Community members may find the applicable Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Policies and DAAPP in their respective handbooks, available via the links below.  

Alcohol and Other Drug Committee

Bryn Mawr’s DAAPP is the responsibility of the Alcohol and Other Drug Committee, comprised of staff and faculty:

  • Lillian Burroughs, Bi-Co Campus Safety Executive Director
  • Cheryl Lynn Horsey, Chief Enrollment Officer
  • Kari Fazio, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mary Beth Horvath, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate College
  • Ruth Lindeborg, Chief of Staff and Secretary of the College
  • Martin Mastascusa, Director of Human Resources
  • Hedy Gerace, Assistant to the President for Events and Campus Outreach
  • Janet R. Shapiro, Dean of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research; Professor of Social Work