Research and Travel Forms

​​​​​​The International Travel Registry/Planning Form

The International Travel Registry/Planning Form is intended to inform the College of graduate student travel plans to ensure that graduate students will be fully covered by emergency medical and travel insurance under the College program during their work abroad. In addition, it allows graduate students to evaluate and demonstrate their preparedness for overseas travel and research.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) introduced this requirement for graduate student travel overseas as of April 9, 2018, as part of a process to provide students access to emergency medical and travel services abroad, and to foster graduate student awareness of resources and responsibilities relating to international research. The form was developed by the Office of Global Bryn Mawr, in collaboration with the Dean of Graduate Studies, Provost Mary Osirim and the Graduate Council. The form can be accessed here. 

Who needs to complete the Travel Form?

Submission of the form is required of all GSAS students traveling outside of the country for work related to their degrees, whether for independent research, projects associated with an external program, travel to conferences, etc. The form is required for any student who is covered by the College emergency medical and travel program, whose research is funded by the College, and/or who is working abroad under the auspices of an affiliation with Bryn Mawr College.

Students who are planning international travel should complete the form. Information will be collated by the Global Bryn Mawr office. Upon completion, the form will be sent to the GSAS Travel Committee comprised of the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, a faculty sponsor and the Faculty Convener for International Programs. Students can expect a response from the committee within a week, unless an expedited response is requested. If the committee sees the need for revisions to the student’s plan, or finds the form to be incomplete, such feedback will be communicated, and the student will be asked to submit a revised form.

What is the deadline for the Travel Form? 

Graduate students traveling abroad should submit the form as early as possible, no less than two weeks prior to proposed travel; however, if circumstances require a submission less than two weeks prior, there is space to explain why on the form.

Important International Travel Forms and Information