Community Building Honor Roll

A scroll on a yellow background reading "Community Building Honor Roll."

Bryn Mawr College established the Community Building Honor Roll in 2018—an initiative to acknowledge important student contributions to the quality of campus life.

Conception Criteria and Nomination Process Celebration and Recognition


The Honor Roll concept emerged in 2017 from conversations with student affinity group leaders who asked the College to consider a way to bring positive attention to those who invest time and energy to create a sense of belonging, inclusiveness and community on campus. Community building occurs across campus in many places and in many forms, from day-to-day actions (that may be less visible) to prominent leadership activities. The Community Building Honor Roll recognizes and celebrates undergraduates, postbaccalaureates, and graduate students and is inclusive of this rich range of activities—with the stipulation that the person’s actions impact a group of people (not just a single individual). The award is also intended to provide a way for students to represent these meaningful contributions to the world beyond Bryn Mawr as they apply for jobs or graduate school. We are grateful to the leaders of these groups for their important role in launching this honor.

Criteria and Nomination Process

Any student, faculty, or staff member may nominate students for this honor. Due to the community-centered nature of this honor, self-nominations are ineligible to be considered. Current juniors or seniors, postbaccalaureates, and graduate students from either school in the second year of their program or beyond are eligible to be nominated. Students may receive the honor in multiple years.

There is no limit to the number of recipients, so the Honor Roll will include all those nominated that meet the dual criteria of community building/creating a sense of belonging (broadly defined by those submitting the nomination) and having an impact on a group of people.

If a nomination does not appear to meet these criteria, the nominator will be contacted to request more information. For this reason, nominations cannot be anonymous.

Celebration and Recognition

Students, faculty, and staff will be invited to nominate students for the 2024 Community Building Honor Roll after spring break. Honorees will be recognized at a celebratory dinner in the late spring, and in the case of seniors, at the Senior Awards Ceremony. Names of all recipients are included on a plaque that will hang in the Campus Center for the subsequent two years.

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