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Anthropology is a holistic study of the human condition in both the past and the present.

The anthropological lens can bring into focus the social, cultural, biological, and linguistic diversity of humankind throughout time and space. 

Anthropology fieldwork can take many directions: the search for human and non-human primate fossils, archaeological excavations of past societies, the analysis of language use and other expressive forms of culture, an exploration of cultural differences anywhere in the world, and more. Our majors learn to conduct anthropological research through course projects and summer fieldwork opportunities so that, by senior year, they are prepared to design and carry out their senior thesis research. 

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Makenna Lenover '19

When her forensic anthropology class took a trip to the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Anthropology, Makenna studied the remains of a young woman who lived several millennia ago, halfway across the globe. Makenna's investigations have brought the past to life for her and inform how she represents the lives of others in ways that are insightful and respectful.

photo of Makenna Lenover sitting in chair

Degree Options

Anthropology major, A.B.

Students are encouraged to select courses from each of four subfields of anthropology: archaeology, bioanthropology, linguistics or sociocultural.

Anthropology minor

Concentration in Geoarchaeology

The Department of Anthropology participates with Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology and Geology in offering a concentration within the major in geoarchaeology.

What can you do with a degree in Anthropology?

Anthropology provides useful preparation for any career that requires understanding human experience and difference, past or present. Our graduates work in a variety of fields including medicine, public health, law, technology, policy, education, academic research, and the nonprofit sector.

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