Dance is an art and an area of creative work as well as a significant and enduring human behavior that can serve as a core of creative and scholarly inquiry within the liberal arts.

The Dance Program offers a rich array of dance experiences for the many and diverse students who choose Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. It welcomes the newcomer as well as supports the continuing progress of trained dancers.

The program includes a range of technique courses in different styles and genres of dance, multiple performance ensembles, courses in composition and choreography, and dance studies courses that introduce students to dance as an exciting area of research and inquiry.

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Degree Options

Dance independent major, A.B.

While there is no existing major in Dance, well-qualified students may submit a proposal to major in Dance through the Independent Major Program.

Dance minor

Dylan Seders Hoffman '19

For her senior thesis, Dylan and her collaborating artists explored how their generation is embracing, rejecting, and reconstructing their Jewishness through a synthesis of dance, storytelling, Yiddish song, Hebrew prayer, flowing water, and hot oil.

dylan seders hoffman seated