Economics is a social science that studies the allocation of scarce resources as a means to better understand many kinds of human interaction.

Economics offers both a major and a minor. The economics major at Bryn Mawr is designated as a STEM major, providing additional employment opportunities for F-1 students after graduation.

Economics appeals to students with interests in social studies, geography, ecology, physics, politics, social justice, logic, and applied mathematics among other fields. Most majors like the combination of logical and mathematical rigor with the policy orientation of the field.

Our economics curriculum provides students with a strong grounding in economic theory and methods through the core courses, and allows them to tailor their major to their specific interests in advanced theory and/or field courses. It emphasizes analytical rigor, the use and interpretation of statistical and empirical evidence, and original, independent research. The curriculum helps students master the methods used by economists to analyze economic issues and assess alternative economic arguments and policies.

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Degree Options

Economics major, A.B.

Economics minor