International Studies

International Studies aims to prepare students to be responsible citizens by introducing them to issues of importance in an increasingly interdependent world of global dynamics in politics, economics, ideas, language, and culture.

At Bryn Mawr, International Studies combines applied and theoretical approaches by drawing from disciplines in both the Social Sciences and Humanities. This broad conception of International Studies distinguishes our program from many others.

International Studies engages students in inter- and multidisciplinary coursework that will prepare them for career opportunities in areas such as:

  • Public policy
  • International politics, relations, and diplomacy
  • International law and institutions
  • Transnational or intergovernmental institutions
  • Medicine
  • Economics
  • Journalism
  • Development

The program also provides a foundation for students interested in entering graduate programs in fields such as international politics/relations, international political economy/development studies, international law and institutions, and organizational theory and leadership.

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photo of Joy Rukanzakanza
Joy Rukanzakanza ‘19

Being an International Studies major meant that I had enjoyed the benefits of pursuing a plethora of disciplines in the social sciences field — from studying ethnography in anthropology to learning about the impact of power struggles in political science.

Degree Options

International Studies major, A.B.

International Studies minor