Historically, Bryn Mawr has been among the top schools including both liberal arts and research-level universities, for producing physics graduates and generating a pipeline into graduate physics work or physics/science related fields outside of academia.

The Department of Physics at Bryn Mawr College offers an engaging program in physics combining dedicated and meticulous teaching, stellar research opportunities, and a welcoming and enjoyable community. 

The courses in Physics emphasize the concepts and techniques that have led to our present way of modeling the physical world. They are designed both to relate the individual parts of physics to the whole and to treat the various subjects in depth. 

Each tenured and tenure-track faculty member also runs a robust and engaging research program which gives our majors the opportunity to gain valuable laboratory and social skills for navigating potential future careers in science, particularly one in which is heavily under-represented by women. The research areas include astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter physics and nanomaterials, plasma physics, and string theory. 

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Merrilyn Fiagbenu ‘20

Merrilyn recounts her summer electrical engineering research experience in Professor Michael Noel’s lab.

photo of Merrilyn Fiagbenu in lab

Degree Options

Physics major, A.B.

Physics minor

Special Programs

A.B./M.A. in Physics

Students have an opportunity to earn their undergraduate and graduate degree in Physics in 4 to 5 years.

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