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Bryn Mawr College Department of Russian offers an undergraduate program of study that has become nationally and internationally renowned.

Russian is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with a broad understanding of Russian culture and the Russophone world.

Our program in Russian language is designed to help students successfully attain an advanced level of oral proficiency in Russian by the time they graduate. In addition to language courses at all levels, students have the opportunity to take a variety of courses in Russian literature, history, cinema, and culture. 


Special Programs

Russian Language Flagship

Created under the auspices of the National Security Education Program (NSEP)/National Flagship Language Program (NFLP), the Russian Language Flagship addresses the critical need for U.S. professionals to use Russian at the highest levels of functional proficiency. It is one of only eight Russian Language Flagship programs in the U.S. and is the only one of these eight to be located at a women's liberal arts college. You do not have to be a Russian major to participate in the Russian Language Flagship.

Russian Language Institute

Russian Language Institute: an 8-week summer intensive Russian Language Program that runs from early June to late July or early August. In-person and remote programs are available.

Erin Ramsey '23

As a Boren Scholar, Erin will be taking classes at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where she will be furthering her Russian studies as part of the Language Flagship Program.

Russian - Flagship - Boren Scholar
Erin Ramsey '23
I'm excited for the opportunity to improve my Russian while also expanding my worldview by engaging with the Kazakh language and culture