Bi-College Consortium

Bryn Mawr and Haverford have closely tied histories that have grown together over the last 130 years.

Bryn Mawr’s partnership with Haverford is by far the closest, not just in terms of distance -- just a mile separates the two campuses -- but also in terms of practice. Bryn Mawr students can take classes, major, minor, eat, live, and participate in campus life at Haverford. Haverford students have the same opportunities at Bryn Mawr.

This partnership greatly expands the academic options available to students with some programs available only on one campus (e.g. Music and Fine Arts at Haverford, Theater and Dance at Bryn Mawr). Even programs that exist on both campuses may have different emphases or approaches giving students more of an opportunity to specialize in certain fields.

Bi-Co A Cappella

Looney Tunes is the only Bi-College, mixed gender a cappella group, bringing together students from Bryn Mawr and Haverford to make music.

a cappella

Using the Consortium

There are more than 2,000 cross-registrations each year between Bryn Mawr and Haverford. There are about just over 2,500 students between the two colleges, which shows just how popular this partnership is!

Cross-Registrations Each Year