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Featured Post: Geology with Adalia Rodriguez '24

How a natural fascination with the Earth and an impactful interview with a professor led Adalia to declare a geology major.

Adalia Rodriguez at the Grand Canyon
Adalia Rodriguez '24
"While we can sit and spend hours on these topics in the classroom, nothing can top being out in the field and seeing how geology from millions to billions of years ago is represented in the modern world."

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Major Moment: Literatures in English with Bethany Wisdom '24

Hometown: Llanelli, Wales, UK

"Enjoy the process of exploring and growing, it will only give you more clarity and more chances to discover what you really love learning!"

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Kate Petrova '20 is now a PhD candidate for psychology at Stanford University

Alumni Spotlight: Kate Petrova

Class of 2020

"Living and learning alongside so many incredible, talented, and unique individuals empowered me to express myself authentically, without fear or shame." 

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Abby Fortune, Emma Gross, and Ava Blumber at Taft Garden during the summer

Major Moment: International Studies with Emma Gross '25

Hometown: Ottsville, PA

"The best thing you can do is allow yourself to explore and try as many new things as possible and then run with what feels the most exciting."

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