Eboni Haynes

Admissions Counselor


Phone 610-526-7876

U.S. States & Territories: Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia


My favorite spot on campus. I love walking around our campus and sitting under the many trees for a nice lunch in the shade. There are even hammocks available on campus year-round!

My favorite thing about Philly. Philadelphia is one of the biggest cities in the US and since we are only 25 minutes away from downtown Philly, you get to experience the best of both worlds. The small-town pace of Bryn Mawr is very relaxing but having easy access to such a big metropolitan area that always has things to do is such a win in my book.

Fun Fact! I love music and I have a Spotify Playlist that is over 15 hours filled with songs that I know every word to.

My favorite T.V. show. I love shows about love, specifically romance as it plays out on reality television.