A Vision for Enrollment Management

Since 2017, Cheryl Lynn Horsey has served as Chief Enrollment Officer at Bryn Mawr College. In this position, she oversees the Offices of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Registrar. 

Having served in higher education for many years, I have been fortunate to work with students at many different types of institutions. I’ve held leadership roles at public and private, secular and non-secular institutions including a historically black institution, a public research institution, women’s colleges, and a private co-educational college. I appreciate the privilege that I have been afforded in helping students achieve their educational goals — these diverse experiences have prepared me for the changing landscape of higher education, one that requires us to think flexibly, and to deeply understand who our students are and how to meet their needs.

Cheryl Lynn Horsey

I love that my role as Chief Enrollment Officer enables me to be a dream catcher — helping students actualize their aspirations and granting them a passport towards their future selves. For me, this means honoring Bryn Mawr's mission to enroll academically talented students by ensuring that a Bryn Mawr education is accessible and affordable. When I speak with families, they often share their anxiety about the rising cost of private education and the "worth" of a four-year degree. With so much negative press about these issues, it is no wonder that they question whether a Bryn Mawr education is a realistic option for their student.

I am proud of the fact that my team is continuously assessing whether we are doing enough to address these concerns. We have made incredible strides in the last two years to reduce the educational expense for families by eliminating or reducing loan obligation for students from limited-income families. Beginning next academic year 2024-2025, I am excited to share that we will reduce or eliminate loans for even more families, and all need-eligible students will see $4,000 more per year in institutional grants to help defray potential loan obligation. This means that our students will be able to graduate will federal loan debt that is less than half the national average.

It is my pleasure to champion access to private education and to continue to work towards making a Bryn Mawr education affordable for families.

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Cheryl Lynn Horsey, Ph.D.
Chief Enrollment Officer