A Vision for Enrollment Management

Since 2017, Cheryl Lynn Horsey has served as Chief Enrollment Officer at Bryn Mawr College. In this position, she oversees the Offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Registrar. 

Having served in higher education for many years, I have been fortunate to work with students at many different types of institutions. I’ve held leadership roles at public and private, secular and non-secular institutions including a historically black institution, a public research institution, women’s colleges, and a private co-educational college.  

I appreciate the privilege that I have been afforded in helping students achieve their educational goals. I often use my training as a social worker to inform my work as Chief Enrollment Officer by affirming the dignity and worth of individual students while fostering their self-determination and competence. 

Cheryl Lynn Horsey

As the Chief Enrollment Officer, I see my role as one that champions a student-centered, energized and motivated team that affirms Bryn Mawr College’s mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I love that my role in enrollment management is one that enables me to be a dream catcher — helping students actualize their aspirations and granting them a passport towards their future selves. For this reason, coming to Bryn Mawr every day isn't a job, but a joy!

To that end, it is my responsibility to oversee a division that:

  • Operates ethically to ensure that division policies and practices support talented students in their quest to receive a stellar educational experience at a premier women’s college;
  • Ensures that the division upholds the College’s commitment to academic quality;
  • Communicates and educates prospective students and families about the value and affordability of a Bryn Mawr education;
  • Recruits students across the globe and from all backgrounds to uphold Bryn Mawr’s mission of sustaining a diverse student body.

It is my pleasure to serve the Bryn Mawr College community in this role, and I look forward to working with you.





Cheryl Lynn Horsey, Ph.D.
Chief Enrollment Officer