Alumnae Bulletin

Facing Up to Factories of Failure

Youth prisons reinforce the most negative aspects of young people's developing personalities.

Graduate Leigh Schaefer ’13

The Big Bang Theory

Leigh Schaefer ’13 is now working at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

Gissell Montoya ’17

The Power of the Pipeline

Scores of Mellon Mays fellows have graduated from Bryn Mawr and gone on to earn advanced degrees and pursue distinguished careers.

Art and the Intellect

Mariam Souali talks with the Bulletin about the interplay between her academic study and her artwork.

Are You Good?

Two Bryn Mawr undergraduates take a cross-cultural look at moral licensing.

Pride flag

Living as LGBTQIA+

A spring conference brought together current students and members of the College’s LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group.

Lindsey Marinello

Student Reaching for the Stars

She's already founded two student engineering-focused groups.

Katharine Hepburn '28

For Starters: Spring 2017

Artistry. Protest. Empowerment. And a focus on the future.

Question Marks

Well, What Gives?

A barrage of questions: When will I have kids, and in what will I specialize?