Alumnae Bulletin

Illustration: female figure exiting horizon

Stories of Reflecting and Reconnecting

Three women rebuild their lives after events upend their best-laid plans.

JiaJia Fei '08

Where Artistry Meets Storytelling

Digital dynamo JiaJia Fei '08 brings a fresh approach to the New York art world.

Ice Cream

What I Know Now

What advice would you give to your younger self or a first-year student?

Francesca Mariani, '91

Francesca Mariani '91

Stem cell researcher is working with colleagues on ways to repair bone defects too severe to heal.

Arshiya Bose, '05

Arshiya Bose '05

Environmental scientist turned entrepreneur is the founder of "conservation project" Black Baza Coffee.

Lydia Fisher '20

Team Players

Separated by three decades, two Owls reflect on their field hockey careers.

Joy Rukanzakanza '19

Reaching Out in Zimbabwe

Joy Rukanzakanza ’19, a 2016 recipient of the Davis Projects for Peace Prize, facilitates access to education.