Alumnae Bulletin

Students Knitting

For Starters: Winter 2017

Giving back. Growing connections. Catching those moments.

Intissar BenHalim, M.S.S. ’11

Taking Action for Social Justice

GSSWSR initiative launches with a conference on forgiveness.

Martha Cummings, '80

Martha Cummings '80

When faced with the challenge of launching a netball development program in South Africa, she naturally turned 
to Bryn Mawr.

Melissa Katrincic, '97

Melissa Katrincic '97

A physics major at Bryn Mawr, she says her science background has helped make her a successful (and award-winning) distiller. 

A detail from Brigid Manning-Hamilton’s Peacock in Common Time, a pulpit fall at the North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis.

Art and Reinvention

Creative enterprises mean remaining open to invention, these two alumnae have found.

A Double Life

Lauren Faber ’07: Research manager by day, standup comedian by night.

Prized Poetry

Natalie Kawam '19 earns award for her work "The Pulse."

Ashleigh Muratore '18

First in Family

These two Mawrters were pioneers in more ways than one.

Piper Sledge

Negotiating Gender in Medicine

Sociologist Coutinho-Sledge explores experiences of patients.