Student-Faculty Collaborations

The Center sponsors collaborative research projects among faculty and between faculty and students. Examples of projects include:

Who? Topic
Joel Schlosser, Assistant Professor of Political Science Exploring consequences of different philosophies of language for the study and theorization of politics, as well as the politics that attend different philosophies of language focusing largely on twentieth-century debates over the relationship between language, knowledge, and power.
Amanda Weidman, Associate Professor of Political Science A book project which examines playback singing, a system in widespread uses in Indian popular cinema since the 1950s, as a site for the construction of ideologies of gender and voice.
Michael Allen, Professor of Political Science Editing a manuscript for submission entitled Critical Deals: The 1974 Jamaican Bauxite Negotiations as a Case Study in Bargaining.  A student worker will assist with the editorial process.
Seung-Youn Oh, Assistant Professor of Political Science Conducting a research project on China's outgoing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and its implication for non-traditional security.
Carol Hager, Professor of Political Science Conducting a summer project which is part of a larger study on the origins and impacts of Germany's renewable energy resolution and will explore the effects of Germany's energy transition on economically challenged communities.
Maja Seselj, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Research interest in the evolution of the modern human pattern of growth and development working with the data from the Fels Longitudinal Study, the world's longest running study on human growth and development.
Melissa Pashigian, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Conducting research on traditional medicine in Vietnam that spans the Colonial through present time periods.  Part of the project is archival and investigates the relationship between French scientists who worked with traditional medicine in Indochina in the Colonial period and the subsequent rise of homeopathy in post-Colonial France.

Marissa Golden, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Conducting fieldwork in five Philadelphia neighborhoods where a number of public schools have closed and is especially interested in determining the role played by community mobilization in influencing those decisions and how those decisions impacted parents' feelings of efficacy.
Nate Wright, Sociology and Abigal Olson '10 A joint project on the role of framing and social environment on policy success; needle exchange and Housing First programs in the U.S.