The Center for Visual Culture is pleased to present a series of virtual screenings, interviews and talks by contemporary artists, curators, scholars and other professionals whose work mines the intersections art, archaeology, architecture, lensed media, literature and sound.

We begin this new experiment with a curated series of virtual screenings titled Excavation/Collaboration. The series features work by artists whose practices pursue historical and archaeological inquiry through the use of time based media. Each of the projects is collaborative in nature, developing out of the creative encounters between different approaches to historical research, analysis and representation.

Click here to visit Excavation 1: Thunderbird
Participants: Christine Rebet, Sebastien Rey, and Gabrielle Giattino

Click here to visit Excavation 2: Malpaso
Participants: Brigit Rathsmann, Rick Karr, and Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Click here to visit Excavation 3: Sayed
Participants: Ellie Ga and Gabrielle Giattino