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The Social Justice Initiative (SJI) is an organization that develops and utilizes strategic alliances with organizations that share our mission to co-produce social justice results that surpass any one entity alone. 

We believe in the power of relationships formed through generative dialogue and intentional action. The SJI has been very fortunate to develop these relationships of mutual benefit with many different types of stakeholders throughout the years.

  • Collaborating partnerships share our goals and have complementary skills and strategies. When joining together, we further a jointly determined purpose.
  • With Coordinating partnerships, we convene activities, sponsor events, or deliver targeted services to further compatible goals.
  • With our Cooperating partnerships, we support each other by sharing information and providing support for each other’s organizational activities.

*This framework from Bailey, D. & Koney, K.M. (2000). Strategic alliances among health and human services organizations: From affiliations to consolidations. Thousand Oaks, CA.: Sage Publications.


Concentric circles with SJI logo in center. Second ring reads 'Collaborating,' third ring reads 'Coordinating,' outside ring reads 'Coorperating'

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Social Justice Initiative

Darlyne Bailey, Ph.D.
Professor, Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research and Special Assistant to the President for Community Partnerships
Phone: 610-520-2610