The People of SJI

The Social Justice Initiative (SJI) is a co-created organization comprised of the Administrative Team, the Advisory Council, and our Community Partners and Allies. 

The Administrative Team is led by Dr. Darlyne Bailey, who works with part time staff and graduate students from the Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research to develop and implement the core administrative and programmatic functions of the SJI.

The Advisory Council, comprised of a diverse group of educators, community advocates, agency leaders, and clinicians, is indispensable in their role as thought partners who help define the short and long term direction of the SJI. In addition, the Advisory Council helps source funding opportunities, develop partnerships, and execute the important work by oftentimes actively engaging in the SJI's programs and events. 

We would not be complete without acknowledging and honoring the scores of people who have made the SJI what it is today and what it promises to be over the many tomorrows to come. We are continually grateful and inspired by our Community Partners and Allies. Individually and collectively, their hearts, talents, and steadfast commitment fuel our greatest desire of transforming our vision into reality -- creating a just world for all. Our Current Initiatives and Past Ventures offer more information about our specific strategic alliances. We also honor and remember our friends and allies with whom we stay connected through wonderful memories.





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Social Justice Initiative

Darlyne Bailey, Ph.D.
Professor, Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research and Special Assistant to the President for Community Partnerships
Phone: 610-520-2610