Change in Financial Circumstance

Adjustments to your financial aid offer may be made if there have been significant changes to your family's financial situation.

Due to institutional funding limitations, students must exhaust all self-help opportunities (such as Federal Direct Loans and student employment) before they are eligible to be considered for an appeal grant.

We recognize that families occasionally experience changes in income or resources during the application process or the academic year. A request for reconsideration of your financial aid offer should be submitted when a family can document a significant change in financial circumstances, or when a family's circumstances have changed after the applications for financial aid have been filed.

Situations Considered

Although considerations for specific situations are limited, we may be able to give additional financial aid consideration for situations described below.

A three-year average will be used for those requesting an alternate tax year. Required supporting documents include most recent tax year federal tax return, W2s, and a copy of the last paystub from all employers. Documents that may be requested include termination notice, severance statement, and/or unemployment benefits.

Supporting documents may include a statement explaining the loss, notice of termination of child support, disability benefits, Social Security, worker's compensation, etc. A listing of Social Security benefits of each member of the household.

Supporting documents may include providing the date of action, divorce decree, rental agreement, utility bills, a listing of the separation of assets, etc.

Supporting documents may include providing the date of death, death certificate or obituary notice, documentation of the proceeds of estate distributions, including inheritance, pensions, and Social Security benefits that are expected.

If you itemize deductions: attach a schedule A from the most recent tax year.

If you do not itemize deductions: provide a list (date, type, amount) of unusually high medical, dental, or prescription expenses not covered by insurance or a third party. Total the amounts by calendar years as applicable.

Supporting documents may include an explanation of the type, amount, and how income was used (e.g. IRA distribution, property sale, inheritance, Form 1099, etc.).

The College recognizes that many families have experienced dramatic changes to their income that have impacted their family's financial situation. The Financial Aid Committee reviews change in income requests in accordance with our current policies, which includes taking a three-year average of income.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, a three-year average of 2022, 2023, and 2024 income is used.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, a three-year average of 2021, 2022, and 2023 income will be used.

We know there are many factors that influence a family's financial health, but we are not able to accept appeals based on the circumstances described below:

  • Higher living expenses experienced by the family (Cost of living is considered during our initial review.)
  • Purchasing discretionary items such as a car, home appliances, weddings, vacations, second homes, etc.
  • Reduction in the value of assets
  • Credit issues, line of credit changes, previous student loan debt, etc.
  • Costs associated by parents who are also attending college (Siblings pursuing undergraduate education is considered during our initial review.)
  • Changes in financial circumstances for international students
  • A non-custodial parent’s unwillingness to contribute
  • Financial aid offers from other institutions

If you believe you have a special circumstance and would like to request reconsideration of your financial aid, please submit a statement along with supporting documentation to Additional documentation may be requested during the review of your request. Outcomes are decided by a Financial Aid Committee. All decisions are final.

For Regular Decision students: Please submit a complete request with all required documentation by April 17 to receive a response by the deposit deadline of May 1.