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Bryn Mawr Hosts Five Exchange Students This Academic Year

April 20, 2023 Alice Lesnick
Global Bryn Mawr Office Meets Exchange Students March 2023
From left: Lisa Okano, Yusi Liu, Josephine Bertoux, Saya Doi, and Alice Lesnick.

This year, Bryn Mawr hosted five exchange students for semester- or year-long programs of study at the College.

Visiting campus were Josephine Bertoux from Sciences Po University, France; Saya Doi from Tsuda University and Lisa Okano from Keio University, Japan; and Harshini Arumugam and Sabrina Ham from Nanyang Technical University, Singapore. The students pursued a range of opportunities connecting to and expanding their majors and goals.

Bryn Mawr has a long history of maintaining exchange agreements with select institutions abroad to foster cultural and academic engagement among students. Presently, the College has exchange agreements with Aberystwyth University in Wales; Keio University in Japan; Koc University in Turkey; Nanyang Technical University in Singapore; SciencesPo in France; and Tsuda University in Japan.

While at Bryn Mawr, exchange students participate in Customs with other incoming students, work with an advising dean, and choose courses from across the Tri-College Consortium.

Bryn Mawr’s exchange partnerships include opportunities for faculty as well as student interaction on-site. In Fall 2023 and Spring 2024, the College has nominated students to study abroad through our exchanges with Sciences Po, NTU, and Keio. Exchange agreements are jointly managed by International Student and Scholar Services, Global Bryn Mawr, and the Office of Study Abroad.

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