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Center for Visual Culture presents Virtual Screenings by Contemporary Artists

April 29, 2020

The Center for Visual Culture (CVC) is presenting a series of virtual screenings by contemporary artists that engage with topics germane to the Bryn Mawr traditions in art history and archaeology.

The first installment—Excavation 1: Thunderbird—features the work of Christine Rebet, an artist represented by Bureau, a contemporary art gallery approaching its 10-year anniversary this spring. The gallery was founded by Gabrielle Giattino, a graduate of Haverford College who majored in the history of art at Bryn Mawr. 

The second installment—Excavation 2: Malpaso—features an artist talk by Birgit Rasthmann and Rick Karr about the collaborative project they are developing with the artist Alejandro Almanza PeredaMalpaso examines the historical geographical and political legacies of a river valley in Chiapas, Mexico, that now lies submerged beneath the waters of the Malpaso Reservoir created by the damming up of the Grijalva River.

The third installment—Excavation 3: Sayed—features the work of Ellie Ga. Her video Sayed focuses on the historical and archaeological site of the lighthouse of Alexandria. Ga writes: "Sayed is a dive guide in Alexandria who describes navigating among the thousands of lighthouse stones underwater. Combined with the interview is footage I filmed of Sayed among the ruins over the course of a diving season.”

The Center for Visual Culture builds on the traditions in art and archeological study at Bryn Mawr while supporting inquiry and exploration into modern visual expression.

The Center for Visual Culture