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Class of 2020: Beckie Bull

May 12, 2020
Beckie Bull '20

Major: French (A.B./M.A.) and linguistics

Minor: Concentration in Middle Eastern Studies

Key Bryn Mawr Experiences: Study abroad in Avignon, Morocco (through the Haverford CPGC), and Strasbourg; vice president and president of the Fencing Club, co-student leader of the Bryn Mawr Renaissance Choir, Customs Person, Writing Center tutor and leadership team member, student representative in French faculty search committee.

Hometown: Burlington, Vermont

Post-graduation plans: Thanks to coronavirus, I am not sure yet! I was hoping to complete a teaching assistantship in France for the next year, and hopefully that is still a possibility.

People you want to thank: Above all, Professor Armstrong in the French department, for her unwavering support, guidance, and faith in me. Also, Professor Sanquer and the other French professors who have supported me in my French journey, the tri-co linguistics department, the Arabic/MES concentration team, and Jen Callaghan in the Writing Center. Of course, our beloved Filomena for her love and care to me throughout my time at Bryn Mawr. And all of my friends from every class year who have made my time at Bryn Mawr so much sweeter, and have held me up during these four short years.

Message for the rest of the Class of 2020: I hope you are safe, wherever you are, and that you feel the love we are all sending to each other. I am so proud of all of us!

Words of wisdom for the Class of 2024: You’ve heard before that the time will go too quickly, so don’t forget to notice the days, before you have to worry about remembering the years. Say hello to campus for me. I can’t wait for you to make your own memories, and I hope that they are sealed with laughter more often than with tears.

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