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Class of 2020: Grace Sue

May 21, 2020
Grace Sue

Name: Grace Sue

Major: Growth and Structure of Cities

Minor: Film Studies

Hometown: New York, NY

People I want to thank: My parents for always supporting me in ways that are beyond words to describe. I want to thank all the professors at Bryn Mawr and Haverford I had the honor of meeting and learning from especially in the Cities and Film/Visual Studies departments, all of the peers I have met along the way, and dean Evan.

Key Bryn Mawr Experiences:

  • Erdman Dining Hall Supervisor and meeting the student workers and full-time staff who made work there not seem like a chore at all
  • Choom Boom Dance Club
  • Summer 2019 DocuLab at Haverford's Hurford Center
  • Spending late night hours working at VCAM and taking the last Blue Bus back to campus

Words of Wisdom: Go for the things you might be afraid of doing, they might surprise you and provide you with the most worthwhile experiences.

Growth and Structure of Cities

Film Studies