Class of 2021: María del Pilar Ferreira Romero

April 26, 2021
María del Pilar Ferreira Romero

Name: María del Pilar Ferreira Romero, but my friends call me Marita.

Major: International Studies and History

Minor: Russian

Hometown: Lambaré, Paraguay

Post-graduation plans: I have not told my mom my final decision yet, so I cannot reveal this secret...

People you want to thank: So many. All the wonderful people that supported me back home (my family, friends, and Education USA), my Paraguayan friends here in the U..S, my Bryn Mawr friends, and the amazing professors and staff I had the opportunity to work with and learn from these past 4 years. (P.S.: Thanks Professor Harte, Professor Kurimay, Professor Allen, and Professor IGD for the recommendation letters!)

Message for the rest of the Class of 2021: We should have sung louder during step sing in Old Library when it was pouring outside *"Umbrella" from Rihanna starts playing*

What will you remember most about your time at Bryn Mawr?: This is a hard question because I have a really good memory and my years at Bryn Mawr are some of my happiest. I love the traditions we have and the sense of community we create around them. I love our beautiful campus and I love that Bryn Mawr gave me the chance to explore different areas that ended up awakening some of my current passions. However, I think that what I will forever remember from Bryn Mawr are the friendships I made here. People from all over the U.S. and from all over the world have made my college experience unique. 

Moreover, I am extremely grateful to Residential Life for completely ignoring our requests from the first-year matching survey. I met three wonderful girls that have become my family in the U.S. because of that. I wrote that I was loud and went to bed late; they did not write that. In fact, we all wrote opposite things, yet it all worked out and I cannot imagine my life without them now. From our movie nights and blue bus chasing experiences, KG, MB, and LO have made a home of Bryn Mawr College for this Paraguayan. Thank you so much for that Pem East 212, 2017-2018.

Key Bryn Mawr Experiences:

I would like to share some of my favourite memories from key Bryn Mawr experiences:

  • Varsity Soccer Team: wearing my shorts backwards to practice; ohhh the Swat bathroom experience; 6am 5k and we beat Swat; meeting incredible girls who were always happy and willing to share their soccer knowledge and skills with me ❤️
  • Adopt a Grandparent: I really enjoyed listening to the grandparents´ life stories and exercising with them!
  • Summer fellowships and funding: working at Amnesty International in Paraguay; travelling to Chile and working with FTdE (and learning so much!); intensive Russian learning for 2 months. 

Anything else you’d want to say about your Bryn Mawr experience?: I am so happy I came here, and that two more Paraguayans are sharing my happy place and creating their own memories here. 

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