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Class of 2022: Amara Saha

May 11, 2022 Alina Peon
Amara Saha
Amara Saha

Name: Amara Saha Major: Biology

Hometown: Pune, India

Key Bryn Mawr Experiences: 

  • Research in the Williamson Lab 
  • Co-authoring and publishing a paper in Frontiers in Immunology 
  • Immunology Lab and Intro Biology Teaching Assistant 
  • Co-president of Choom Boom Dance group 

Post-graduation plans: I will be working as a Research Assistant in a vaccine lab after graduation! My lab focuses on creating safe and effective vaccines for a wide variety of infectious diseases. 

People you want to thank: I want to thank my amazing mother for her unwavering love and support that enabled me to be who I am and purse higher education in STEM. I'd like to thank Dr. Williamson for his wonderful support and mentorship for the past three years. I would also like to thank Dr. Kung, Dr. Watkins and Dr. Chander for their mentorship and expertise throughout my time at Bryn Mawr. Lastly, I'd like to thank all my friends who have made this experience worthwhile. 

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