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Class of 2023: Lucy Miller

April 24, 2023

Name: Lucy Miller

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Portland, OR

Key Bryn Mawr Experiences: 

  • Working as an undergraduate research in Dr. Patrick Melvin’s organic chemistry research laboratory, where I learned how much I love chemistry research!

  • Attending the American Chemical Society Annual Conference with the chemistry department during my senior year

  • Dancing every year in /shift/ Dance Company as well as through the dance department

  • Helping start a new craft club, Craft Collective, with my friends during our second year


Post-graduation Plans: After graduating, I will be moving back to the Pacific Northwest and pursuing my Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the University of Washington Department of Chemistry!

People you want to thank:  All of the professors in the chemistry department who have encouraged my love of science and inspired me to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry. Dr. Patrick Melvin for giving me such an incredible research opportunity and always supporting my goals for the future. The dance department and all of the wonderful people I’ve gotten to share a studio and a stage with. Shiraz Harel, who was the best first-year roommate imaginable and my friend forever. And last but not least, all of my friends and family for always having my back; I love you all endlessly.


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