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September 26, 2018 Beth Seltzer

Software Downloads for Workshops

Data Sources for Open Play Day

Curated Data Sources from a Recent BMC Grad (Nathália Santos, '18)

  • DataBank World Development Indicators: Filter by country and chart out different indicators of economic strength.
  • Polity IV Project: Shows political state of different countries, including autocratic backsliding, revolution, collapse of central authority (state failure), and successful military coups.
  • Google trends:  It's a really nice tool by Google, you can get interest over time data over any topic anywhere in the world and can combine different search terms, might be interesting for many students
  • has all-encompassing US government data all available free and online
  • Amazon open data: Amazon has data in varied topics as well, with usage examples for the data. There are a lot of sciency satellite imagery data
  • A cool one I found was the million song dataset (it has the metadata for a million contemporary songs)
  • Pew looks at trends in American society and data is available for download (but you do need to create a free account)
  • OpenDataPhilly has free datasets for several different aspect from Philadelphia, including SEPTA, school district information among other things. (Also recommended in GIS workshop!)
  • Here are a bunch of other public datasets separated by topic of interest

Looking for data sources related to a particular academic subject? Check the Research Guide that our Tri-Co librarians have created for it! These guides have fairly extensive collections of data sources:  

Alum recommendation: Kaggle for data competitions!

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