David Karen Receives Global Bryn Mawr Grant to Conduct Research in Denmark

November 8, 2021

David Karen, professor of sociology, was awarded a Global Bryn Mawr Faculty/Staff Grant for his project titled "Sport Talent Development, Social Issues, and Project Based Learning in Denmark."

In this project, Karen will collaborate with colleagues at Aalborg University, where he has an appointment as an adjunct professor in the Department of Health Science and Technology. He will be involved in two writing/research-related projects. One involves a collaboration with Aalborg colleagues to produce a sport and social issues textbook; Karen will be co-editor of the volume and will co-author several chapters. The second project will focus on talent development among Danish youth: how do youth from different parts of the country (geographically and in terms of social origin) get recruited to and involved in (different) sports? BMC student research assistants will help Karen analyze the data from Denmark and collaborate on a comparative U.S. project. Karen will also be examining the ways that Aalborg’s project/problem-based curriculum plays out in a variety of courses with an eye toward bringing back ideas that would be relevant to our Praxis program. He plans to travel to Denmark over Spring Break to conduct his research. 

This annual grant opportunity of up to $5,000 from the Global Learning Experience Committee is available to Bryn Mawr College faculty and staff. 

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